The FFWD Full Carbon Clincher DISC Wheel is aero, durable, and lightweight. It's the weapon of choice against the clock for serious time trialists and those in the triathlon scene. In a design that screams speed, it completes any aero setup with both supreme aesthetics and performance.

This Full Carbon Clincher wheel works best with a standard innertube and outertube! With a standard 41mm valve you have just enough space to add the 90 degree pump adapter. After you have applied the included stickers on both sides of the valve hole you're aerodynamics are optimized! 

Our DISC wheel comes in a design precision-engineered for high lateral rigidity and maximum gains against the clock. It’s one that enables streamlined performance in a design also honed for enhanced stiffness and compliance.

Precision balanced for optimal performance

Optimal performance against the clock requires balancing aero properties with stability. 

Like all FFWD wheels, our DISC wheels ship in a protective wheel bag for easy and safe storage and transport. Engineered to meet our highest standards by our team of expert wheel builders in the Netherlands, we offer a 3-year warranty upon registration.

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