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Μεγέθη Road

Μεγέθη Road

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  • Μεγέθη Road: MEDIUM 54/55 (171-175-181cm)
Giant Propel Advanced Pro...
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Giant Propel Advanced Pro Disc Frameset Blue Ashes

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Give yourself the aero advantage. This composite rocketship minimizes drag and saves precious watts in sprints, breakaways and attacks. Because small gains lead to big wins.

Giant Trinity Advanced Pro...
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Giant Trinity Advanced Pro TRI Frame

Regular price €2,890.00 Price €2,399.00
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When you’re chasing a new PR, every advantage counts. Aerodynamics, efficiency, comfort and it—it all has to be just right. Engineered to meet the demands of professional triathletes and time trial racers, this speeding bullet has it all.

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