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TACX - TACX Προπονητήριο Antares

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Up your track pace, Tacx Antares

You can cycle freely on these streamlined rollers and refine your coordination and technique in doing so. The heavy-duty tapered rollers ensure that it is almost impossible to ride off the machine. High concentration on steering is required when riding without a brace; this reinforces your sense of balance. The Antares – just like the Galaxia – is collapsible and measures only 80 cm when collapsed, making it easy to carry. 

There are riders who find riding without a restraint difficult at first and op for additional safety. You use the support for Antares to secure the bike, without a front wheel and still cover the mileage in front of you.

Speed and suppleness
Riding on ‘the Tacx’ is a relatively easy way to up your track pace and make your muscles more supple. This makes for completely natural movements. You keep pedalling from the hips, just as you would on the road or track. A high pedalling frequency, that is needed for the right feeling in the legs, is also possible.

ΣΗΜΕΙΩΣΗ - τα προπονητήρια λόγω όγκου και βάρους χρεώνονται με επιπλέον 25 ευρώ για αποστολή με αντικαταβολή.


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